Anton Wallner Bräu

Anton Wallner Brewery

In the Anton Wallner Brewery, we brew our beers with pure, soft mountain spring water from the "Grünberg" spring in Krimml. When creating our various natural-brewed beers, we demand the highest standards of quality in the selection of raw materials and in production. It is only the best hops, best malt and our meticulous brewing process which give our naturally beers the typically aromatic Anton Wallner Brewery flavour.

Our beer is unpasteurised, unprocessed and unfiltered. This is a natural product with limited lifetime, and made to be consumed as soon as possible. Store in a cool place (under 6°C).

Anton Wallner Brew Pub

Open daily from 4.00 pm, Thursday closed

This is a beer-drinker heaven, with up to five real ales brewed in the Anton Wallner brewery and served in Anton Wallner pub.
Take the time to enjoy real ale in a big-hearted, comfortable place. Beer also for take away.

Michaela and Manfred Opresnik are looking forward to welcome you!

Helles Krimmler Märzen

Our classic beer. Nearly clear, because "helles Krimmler Märzen" is stored up to 3 months or more until it is served.

Gravity: 12,2°
alcohol: 4,9 % Vol.
EBC: 8,2
Always available.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Dunkles Krimmler Märzen

"Dreikorn" Dunkles Krimmler Märzen

The dark part to our classic beer, has deep brown fiery colors, just like the earth that let its ingredients grow. It brings warm roasty and malt flavours, coffee and chocolate flavours attend at final. Brewed with barley, spelt and wheat malts.

Gravity: 12,4 °
alcohol: ca. 4,8 % Vol.
Now available.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Helles Krimmler Weizen

Helles Krimmler Weizen

Our pale wheat beer is refreshingly delicious and fruity tangy – unfiltered and naturally brewed.

Now available.
Gravity: 13,2°
alcohol: 5,2 Vol. %

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Zirbenbier


Bottom fermented like our lager, but with a light red color.
The wort is boiled with pine cones, which makes a bitter flavour.

Gravity: 12,5°
Alcohol: 4,8 % vol.
Now available!

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Bierbrand


Our Bierbrand is distilled from fresh Anton Wallner beer.
It contains within it all the delicate flavours of our beer, about 40 Vol. % alcohol.
Bierbrand is also available to take-away in 0.1 l, 0.35 l and 0.5 l bottles.
Now available.

All beers are served draught in the Anton Wallner brew pub or are available for take away in 0.5 l bottles. Berr is also available in 10, 20 and 50 litre barrels – you can borrow equipment from us.
Please order in advance!

Anton Wallner

  • Anton Wallner

Anton Wallner was born at Hinterlehen Gut in Krimml, Oberpinzgau. After marrying Therese Egger, a landlords´daughter from Wald im Pinzgau, he bought the Aichberg Tavern at Windisch-Matrei in the Province of Salzburg (known today as Matrei in Osttirol) in 1792.
Father of 16 children, he was given the task of defending the Province of Salzburg by the Tyrolean peasant‘s leader Andreas Hofer, in the War of Liberation of 1809 against the Bavarians and the French, and particularly distinguished himself with his defensive actions during the battles for the Lueg Pass.

As the figurehead and personality who gave his name to Anton Wallner Beers, Anton Wallner stands for the traditions of freedom and patriotism – values that we call to mind when we are brewing and enjoying our full flavoured Krimml beer.

P.S. to all collectors

Because of the fact, that a collector offered our coasters in www, we stopped sending souvenirs. Requests per mail or post will be deleated without further comments, because of temporal reasons. If you visit our brew pub, you can buy coasters, glasses ... here. Thank you for your understanding.