Anton Wallner Bräu

Our beer types:



Our classic beer. Nearly clear, because "helles Krimmler Märzen" is stored up to 3 months or more until it is served.


Gravity: 12,2°
alcohol: 4,9 % Vol.
EBC: 8,2

Bottom fermented like our lager, but with a light red color. The wort is boiled with pine cones, which makes a bitter flavour.


Gravity: 12,5°
Alcohol: 4,8 % vol.

Special gift box with a beer hammer and 1 bottle Zirbenbier 0,33 lt.

All our types of beer are available in our Online-Shop and fresh on draught in our own beer pub in Krimml.

On request is our beer also for other hotels and restaurants available. Please contact us by phone +43 (0)6564/7295-0 or by e-mail brauerei(at)krimml.com.

Our brandies, liqueurs and distillates



Our Bierbrand is distilled from fresh Anton Wallner beer. It contains within it all the delicate flavours of our beer. Available in bottles 0,35 lt. and 0,5 lt.

About 40 Vol. % alcohol.

Distillate from fermented pine cones. Available in bottles 0,35 lt. and 0,5 lt.

About 38 Vol. % alcohol.

Available in 0,5 lt. bottles.

3 years barrel-fermented
About 41 Vol. % alcohol.

Liqueur with dark and malty beer with fine spice and spirits of wine. Available in bottles 0,35 lt. and 0,5 lt.

About 30 Vol. % alcohol.





Produced by steam distillation of the needles from regional pine cones. A active substance for many applications. Available in a spray bottle (100 ml).