The 30 most beautiful places fishing

Lake Finkau and Gerlos with connecting stream to the Gerlos ReservoirFly only.

Natural lake with 10-15 hectar of shore. Wild Gerlos - small relatively flat mountain stream with average speed current and small pools

Gerlos Reservoir with connecting stream from Lake Finka from the bridge

Mixed waters. At full capacity the reservoir has around 100 hectares of water with a steep shoreline

Krimml Stream above the Krimml waterfalls

Fly only. Around 15 km long natural water, between 15 and 20 metres wide, short sections in mountain stream syle the rest is mainly flat fields

Krimml Stream
below the Krimml waterfalls down to Wald

Mixed waters. Mountain stream character with large and middle sized pools

Upper Salzach

Mixed waters. Small mountain stream with mid size pools, difficult accessibility (gorge)

Salzach Wald to Bramberg
Joining of the Upper Salzach with the Krimml stream

Wald to Bramberg: Mixed waters. 10 to 20 metres wide with average currents, a steep shoreline makes accessibility difficult, fish are close to the shoreline


Mixed waters. Big mountain stream with large pools, difficult terrain with high shore


Mixed waters. Small mountain stream with mid size pools and easy accessibility

Blue lake

Mixed waters. Small spring water lake about 700 square metres, crystal clear water, does not connect to the Upper Sulzbach

Tratten stream

Mixed waters. Small mountain stream with mid size pools and easy terrain


Mixed waters. Wild mountain stream with mid size and large pools, difficult terrain with lots of trees

Salzach from Bramberg to Hollersbach

Mixed waters. Mid size river, 10 to 20 metres wide, average current with steep shoreline, fish stay close to the shore


Small mountain stream with small and large pools, easy terrain


Fly onlyMid size mountain stram with mid size and large pools, easy terrain except at the entrance to the valley

Hollersbach Reservoir

Mixed waters. Reservoir with around 3.5 hectars of water, ideal for belly boat fishing. Reservoir wall and entrance reserved for fly fishing, left side is nature reserve, right side mixed fishing

Natural bathing lake Hollersbach

Friendly and predatory fish waters. Small natural lake of about 1 hectar with easy accessibility

Ecological pond

Friendly and predatory fish water. Small pond around 0.5 of a hectar, marshland with thick bushes

Salzach from Hollerbach (Wooden bridge) to Uttendorf (bridge)

Fly only. Mid size river 15 to 20 metres wide mid to strong current difficult terrain, shore fishing or at the entrance to to the small conecting streams such as the felber stream

Felber stream

Fly only. Mid size mountain stream with large pools, difficult terrain with thick bushes, fish stay mostly close to the shore


Fly only. Natural lake of around 5 hectars with marshy shoreline. 


Fly only
Natural alpine lake of around 2 hectars with steep stony shore.

Ammer stream

Fly only
Small mountain stream around 4 to 6 metres wide small and mid size pools with easy terrain.

Elisabeth lake

Mixed waters Small natural lake with easyily accessible shore.

Leni lake

Fly onlySmall natural lake which is great for beginners as well as the professional fisherman 


Fly only
Mid size meadow river around 15 metres wide with some very deep pools and easy accessibility.

Salzach from Uttendorf to Niedernsill

Mixed waters. River 20 to 25 metres wide, mid to strong current and steep shoreline, shore fishing or at the joining of the small meadow stream.

Mühlbach valley Niedernsill

Mixed waters. Up to the Schmölzener bridge a nice mountain stream with mid size and large pools. From the Hochtor one of the most beautiful valleys in the whole of the Pinzgau.

Bathing lake in Niedernsill

Friendly and predatory fish water. Mid size bathing lake of around 1.5 hectars with easy accessibility.

Zeller Lake

Large natural lake of around 300 hectars, shore fishing or from the hotels own rowing boat, especially good for trout and pike fishing.